Monday, March 25, 2013

Seed of evil - Whitewashing terror at the BBC

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24 March '13..

We wrote here earlier today about the troubling absence of news coverage concerning an incident in the Gaza Strip in which, yet again, children are tragically the victims.

We mentioned Jon Donnison of the BBC whose principal watch is Gaza but who seems - despite its gravity - to have missed this recent Gaza story completely. Some will suggest this is because the signs point to the six children having been seriously injured as a result of a Gazan terrorist 'work accident'. Such things happen often. Not so, the news reports about them. (If anyone needs to have someone explain why this is, we will be glad to offer our view of how this works.)

An alert reader tipped us off this morning to another recent Gazan news story that does little credit (in our view) to Mr Donnison's credibility, reputation or professional standing.

Given the pusillanimous manner in which his employer deals as a matter of explicit policy with the word 'terror' and how it reports on the terrorists, we feel there is something to be learned from the following affair. It throws light on the BBC in general and the credulousness of some of the BBC's people when it's the terrorists who are handing out the press releases.


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