Wednesday, November 28, 2012

(Video) Hamas TV spokesman interviewed about Palestinian Media Watch

28 November '12..

Journalist Suroosh Alvi from Vice magazine interviews a spokesman from Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas TV). Alvi tells the spokesman about Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli organization that monitors channels like Al-Aqsa TV in order to expose "how radical the people in Gaza are." The spokesman responds "They also say to their people that killing a Palestinian is good. So this [is] a different way to see [things]."

Note: Palestinian Media Watch exposes incitement to hatred in order to help eliminate it. PMW welcomes the use of its findings to challenge the propagators of hate incitement, as in this video.

Journalist Suroosh Alvi: "Al-Aqsa is seen as basically Hamas television. Who owns the channel? Is it independently owned?"
Al-Aqsa TV spokesman: "Al-Aqsa TV belongs to Palestine."
Suroosh Alvi: "The last time I came in 2007, I met with an organization called Palestinian Media Watch. They're Israeli and they sit and they just watch everything that you're making here. They study it and they analyze it, and then they go to make presentations at the US Congress, and they say, look how radical the people in Gaza are. They're making Mickey Mouse with AK-47s."
Al-Aqsa TV spokesman: "They also say to their people that killing a Palestinian is good. So this [is] a different way to see [things]."
[Vice magazine, Gaza, Nov. 2011]

Palestinian Media Watch is an Israeli research institute founded in 1996 that studies Palestinian society and trends from a broad range of perspectives. PMW focuses on the messages that Palestinian leaders from the Palestinian Authority, Fatah and Hamas convey to the population through the many institutes and infrastructures under their control. Using the media as a window into Palestinian society, PMW studies the leadership's ideologies, education through schoolbooks, religious sermons, publications, political, social, and cultural activities and more.

PMW uses key indicators to determine whether the Palestinian Authority is preparing its people for peace or for prolonged confrontation with Israel. These indicators include research on Palestinian Authority non-recognition of Israel, incitement to hatred, promotion of violence and glorification of terror.

You can visit Palestinian Media Watch at and its video channel Palwatch at

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