Friday, November 30, 2012

Approved 29 November '12 - The Biggest Lie

Dror Eydar..
Israel Hayom..
30 November '12..

On Thursday, we saw the leader of the so-called moderates in the Palestine Liberation Organization, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, giving a perfectly Hamas-like speech. The keywords in his address came straight out of the world's, and Israel's radical Left dictionary, Holocaust denial circles and anti-Semitic rhetoric: Israel committed "ethnic cleansing," "war crimes," "apartheid," "racism," and, of course, "Nakba" (“Catastrophe”). Abbas repeated the phrase "the Israeli aggression" dozens of times.

Not a word, however, about the constant, murderous terror perpetrated by Palestinians. Not a word about the protection Israel provides to the Palestinian Authority from Hamas, which could easily take over Judea and Samaria in one day if Israel were to withdraw, God forbid. Not a word about the Fatah charter, and the Hamas charter, both of which reject the right of the Jewish people to sustain a Jewish state on any part of the Land of Israel. Abbas didn't mention, not even in once, "the Jewish people" or "a Jewish state."

Abbas stood before the U.N. General Assembly on Thursday playing the part of a Jew after the Holocaust. And for good reason: As representatives of the Arab world, the Palestinians not only seek to take our land, they are also actively trying to erase the Jews' history in this land. They have even commandeered our historical dates. But most importantly, they have become expert at stealing the Jews' identity. The Palestinian collective never gathered around a positive identity, but revolves around the negation of the Jews' right to independent lives in their only state: The Jews' historic homeland of thousands of years.

Israel should keep talking more and more about our moral, historic and religious right to this land. The security arrangements are less important. The legitimacy of terror against us stems from the habitual denial of the living connection between the Jews and their land. The Palestinians' refusal to sign a conclusive agreement to end the conflict, despite reckless offers they got in the past from Israeli leaders, proves the following profound truth: They will never be satisfied with just a part of the Jewish land. Any compromise will only serve as a stepping stone for more demands for what was never theirs.

The U.N. has already declared the most moral movement — Zionism — to be racist once before. The U.N. could also decide to reject the Jewish state. There would be an automatic majority in favor of such an initiative. The applause elicited by Abbas' speech, as well as the U.N.'s very approval of his request, is another aspect of the international community's decadence. The international community is unable to recognize its main enemies — the ones seeking to obliterate the free world — which Fatah and Hamas represent.

On Thursday, the U.N. approved the biggest lie of the last 100 years. Europe abandoned Israel and reverted to its past behavior: sacrificing Jews on the altar of imagined peace. Just as in the 1930s, and other historic junctions, the West wants peace (or quiet), but it will end up getting both dishonor and war.


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