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Contemplating rockets - Not exactly home-made.

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This Ongoing War..
18 November '12..

The EU-funded GANSO website continues, as it has for a long time, to refer to those deadly Gazan missiles as HMRs. This peculiar choice of acronym evidently stands for "home made rockets", even though it's likely some proportion of them are actually imported to the Gaza Strip from Iran.

Whatever the real motivation of the GANSO people when they call them HMRs, these things are very different from home-made cookies and home-made soup. Consider what the reaction would be if the Israeli side took the Brussels-funded 'activists' and their terminology and motivations at face value. Meaning if these deadly missiles really are home-made, and if GANSO's statistics are right and they're fired into Israel by the hundreds, perhaps the right response to the home-made weapons is to focus the IDF's massive fire power on the homes that make them. Imagine the devastation if that were Israel's strategy; plainly it's not, as the relatively small number of casualties so far attests.

We have commented here several times about the revelations that appear almost daily in the GANSO bulletins about rockets that are fired by the Gazans and fall short. In simple terms, these are rockets that fail to cross the border and end up crashing onto the heads and homes of the Palestinian Arabs who live in the areas adjacent to the border. Some have been killed, many have been injured, and it's all self-inflicted. This has been happening since the Gazan rocket campaign against Israeli civilians began in 2005.

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