Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Twenty-Six Reasons J Street’s Demise Shouldn’t Be Mourned

A compendium of their falsehoods, misdirections, and anti-Israel activities.

Lenny Ben-David
22 February '11

I recently conducted a week of meetings on Capitol Hill, and it’s clear that Israel’s supporters on the left need a better organization than J Street to represent them.

J Street’s attack on liberal flagbearer Rep. Gary Ackerman is evidence of the organization’s incompetent decision-making. J Street’s support for a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel proves just how counterfeit its “pro-Israel” claim is. The latest Washington Times exposé showing that the organization’s director apparently violated IRS “self-dealing” regulations proves just how corrupt, dishonest, and devious J Street is.

Here are 26 reasons why no one should mourn J Street’s downfall, or at the very least, the resignation of J Street director.

1. According to the Times, J Street’s founder and director Jeremy Ben-Ami is co-owner of the Ben-Or public relations company in Israel. A dozen far-left organizations and detractors of Israel make use of Ben-Or’s services. Ben-Ami can claim as much as he wants that he doesn’t receive compensation from Ben-Or, but the fact remains that as a founder and owner he is responsible for the leftist ideological orientation of the PR company. As the head of a charitable organization (J Street Educational Fund) and a non-profit organization (J Street), he has retained Ben-Or to work for J Street. He is, in effect, paying himself with charitable donations. It’s a conflict of interest and called “self-dealing” in the world of tax violations.

2. J Street claims to be “pro-Israel,” but its actions, coalition partners, positions, speakers it sponsors, and Ben-Or clients show that its pro-Israel assertion is one big con job. Jimmy Carter and his “Elders” partners Desmond Tutu and Mary Robinson, three of Israel’s biggest critics, are clients in Ben-Ami’s PR company. Can Ben-Ami ever take positions contrary to his clients?

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  1. One only has to look at the supporters of this disgusting group or whatever it is called, to see that they are the biggest anti-Semites ever. The quicker we are rid of them the better.

  2. J-Street Huh! You mean P-Street!