Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This Never Happened: Real West Bank Water Theft

Victor Shikhman: Stories
22 February '11

For years, we've been told that Israel is stealing Palestinian water resources. This slogan, much promoted, particularly in Europe, was then disproven, conclusively and authoritatively, by Israel's Water Authority, which described clearly the rational, fair and, most importantly, mutually agreed upon management and distribution of water resources to both Israel and territories under Palestinian administration.

Since then, the narrative has shifted slightly. It is no longer the government of Israel which is stealing water, but Jewish settlers who are accused of the dastardly deed. The following video was taken at a well outside the Jewish community of Sussya, in the South Hebron Hills. It depicts a situation which, depending on your level of blind commitment to ending Israeli "occupation" either never happened, isn't supposed to be happening, simply doesn't fit the media narrative of Jewish theft of Arab resources or, if all sense of justice fails you, is perfectly defensible - Israeli leftist radicals helping Palestinians steal water from wells which supply Jewish communities.

Haaretz did not report this story, if you can call it a story. It's as if it never happened. Just another day of anonymous Jewish life in the Hebron Hills. This well did not go dry, not that time, not that day, and hundreds of animals - at least the ones Arab thieves didn't steal the other night - did not go thirsty. You can see the distances involved, and the constant vigilance necessary on the part of the residents to protect their rights and property.

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