Monday, February 21, 2011

Anti-Israel Broadcasts in Britain Spread Their Malign Influence – and How!

Daphne Anson
21 February '11

That fine British blogger Edgar Davidson, who always has something important, profound, and often original, to say, begins his post entitled “Anti-Israel indoctrination in the UK” thus:

‘If you need to know the depth to which the British media has indoctrinated the public with anti-Israel feelings, then I can give no better example than the following:

My daughter, who goes to an orthodox Jewish school, tells me that, when the subject of Israel is discussed in their Jewish studies GCSE class, students routinely state things like "the Jews have no right to Israel because they stole the land from the Palestinians".

In making statements like that, those regular 15-16 year old Jewish kids, are simply repeating what they are told relentlessly in every part of the media (as I have regularly reported on this web). In the midst of the big story of revolution across the entire Arab world (funny how the media is suddenly realising that these Arab countries were abusing their citizens for decades - they have been telling us all along that is is Israel that is the pariah state in the region) the BBC and Channel 4 has gone into overdrive ... to demonize Israel. Just a few examples of the anti-Israel tsunami engulfing British TV ...’

See the rest of Edgar Davidson’s post here:

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