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What Are American Interests?

Yisrael Medad
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20 February '11

The Foundation for Middle East Peace President Philip C. Wilcox, Jr., exhuberantly opposed to Jewish residency beyond the Green Line, and former Jerusalem Consulate-General, issued the following statement:

The U.S. veto in the United Nations Security Council on February 18 of a draft resolution demanding that “Israel cease all settlement activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem” and reaffirming that settlements are “illegal,” undermines American interests in the Middle East and prospects for a two-state peace.

...U.S. officials have said the UN should stay out of Israeli-Palestinian peace-keeping. Yet the UN has been deeply involved in this conflict from the very beginning. It recognized Israel in 1948...

Yes, America did do that.

And even more. In 1924, it aligned itself with the League of Nations decision to grant Mandate status to the country to be reconstituted as the Jewish national home.

And the territory defined at that period was what Israel looks like today with Judea and Samaria. And despite proposals of territorial compromise, aka partition, the Arabs never accepted them while the Zionist movement actually did.

So, in recognizing Israel in 1948, America was not only doing the right thing but also recognizing the failure of any pro-Arab policy up until that point since the Arabs were obviously not interested in any solution then that entailed the establishment of Israel even before there was a "post-1967 occupation" and "settlements". The conclusion, then, is that American interests are best served by rejecting alignment with such an Arab position.


And even if Hillary Clinton holds this opinion:

"I think it is absolutely clear to say, number one, that it's been American policy for many years that settlements were illegitimate and it is the continuing goal and highest priority of the Obama administration to keep working toward a two-state solution with both Israelis and Palestinians," Clinton told ABC''s This Week With Christiane Amanpour.

she's wrong.

Jews residing in Judea and Samaria can never be illegitimate.

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