Sunday, February 27, 2011

They're firing rockets into Israel again this morning

Arnold/Frimet Roth
This Ongoing War
27 February '11

With no strategic target in mind, as usual, other than to hit anything Jewish or Israeli, the terrorists of Gaza are back in action this morning.

AFP reports that yet another of their seemingly-endless supply of rockets struck and un-named Israeli site in the past few hours. It caused no damage or casualties, according to Israel's military and police. But it's always been the case that this was not for lack of trying or of the desire to cause damage, pain and death.

Ynet, an Israeli news source, says today's rocket was a Qassam; it struck somewhere in the Eshkol region. The Color Red alert system which is intended to give residents of the south of Israel some modicum of advance warning when the jihadists fire was not activated "for a reason yet unknown".

Ynet also notes that there was Friday attack on the southern Israeli city of Netivot. Another jihadist rocket fired from the Gaza Strip evidently landed on the Hamas-controlled side of the Israel/Gaza boundary. Damage and loss caused to Gazan Arabs arising from the terror attacks of their own jihadists are rarely reported in the general new media, though they are far from being a rare occurrence.

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