Wednesday, January 3, 2018

“Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”? US Army Goes Academic With Stupid (Hopefully Not Dangerous) Results - by Sheri Oz

...Apparently the US Army War College awards masters level degrees in strategic studies. If Colonel Lock’s research paper is an indication of the level of acceptable “scholarship” at this institute, one can only hope that the completion certificates are for wall decoration purposes only. Alas, I fear that is not so.

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
03 January '17..

Everyone wants to be a hero and solve the “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”. What do you get when an American army officer writes a semi-academic paper recommending strategy for continuing the training of the Palestinian Security Forces? Let me show you what you get.

As part of the US Army War College programme, students select an area of particular interest to them and write a paper as part of the college’s Strategy Research Project. Colonel James Lock wrote a study that he called: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Opportunity Amidst Crisis. In a footnote, he noted that he served as Deputy Director for Training, Education, and Leader Development in USSC from 2015-2016. USSC trains Palestinian Security Forces and coordinates between them and the Israeli army (IDF). Therefore, he has field experience in our region. Yet, he chose to open his article with this absurd statement:

The protracted Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains one of the primary sources of tension in the Middle East today.

Has Colonel Lock’s brain been asleep for the last few years? This old mainstay of anti-Israel propaganda no longer can be said to hold water by any stretch of the imagination. Shortly after that, he sets up what he seems to think is a balanced framework of the problem:

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