Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Not Letting the ‘What Ifs’ Scare Us - by Douglas Altabef‏

...As we approach our auspicious anniversary of freedom, let us embrace the willingness to make our own destiny, to seize opportunities designed to advance our interests, and to act with the conviction that our success should not be a source of embarrassment nor doubt.

Douglas Altabef‏..
30 January '18..

These are exciting times in Israel — economically, militarily and diplomatically. Yet, no matter how successful we might be on a certain front, there will be those want to ignore the good things, and point to the inevitable negative consequences that will come of that success.

Two current examples of life in Israel exemplify this syndrome. The first is the, “okay so Trump likes us, but who knows what will come after him” anxiety condition. The second is the widespread fear that “all those Christian Evangelical Zionists are really just out to convert us.”

In the first case, we are warned that identifying with the supportive policies of a polarizing US president could be held against us by his successor.

This, of course, presupposes that we know his successor will seek to reverse whatever support the Trump administration has provided to Israel. It also makes the mistake of thinking we can predict the future.

In the second case, there is a focus on the possible downside of what is currently and foreseeably a highly beneficial posture and very supportive behavior.

What are we to do with this mindset? To me, it is one of those residuals of the galut (exile) mentality. The presumption is that things are destined to go badly, and so why bring that upon ourselves? Better to keep our heads down, not attract too much attention (or support for that matter), and just hope that everything passes us by without too much impact.

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