Saturday, September 16, 2017

Why you shouldn’t just shrug your shoulders at SOAS - by David Collier

...This entire narrative, this fictional tale of 'Palestinianism', is a giant Ponzi scheme, that uses places like SOAS as a hunting ground for new investors. The gullible students are the schemes prey. Look at how many of today's anti-Zionist academic activists were shaped in the cesspit of SOAS. A university betraying both itself and the society it is meant to serve.

David Collier..
Beyond the Great Divide..
15 September '17..

For those of us who have experienced the hostility of SOAS, even images of the building can create an uneasy feeling. Those Jews who attend events, tell tales of the anti-Jewish rhetoric that thrives and multiplies there. Yet until you have personally experienced it, it is difficult to adequately describe the threat SOAS presents. Too many people make the mistake of suggesting SOAS, like towns such as Bradford, simply reflect the political demographic of those that walk within. That’s ‘okay’ they suggest, because it is just Bradford, just SOAS.

They are wrong. They completely fail to understand the central message such understanding brings. This is why:

SOAS isn’t some outlying town, it is a university. A university in the heart of London. The prime function of SOAS is to create an environment where research and higher education flourish. Where people that enter its halls have their underlying beliefs challenged, reaching for greater understanding, whilst standing on the giants of those that came before.

Unchallenged lies at SOAS

And yet SOAS isn’t fulfilling its primary function. SOAS in reality is little more than a breeding pit of ignorance and intolerance. A place where for many, education becomes stymied, if it isn’t in line with the narrow ideological constraints of the thuggery that has taken control. Students of some minorities are simply unwelcome if they refuse to conform. In lecture halls, lies are told openly, and the university promotes and defends an environment where those lies cannot be challenged. Like Stalinism and Nazism, at SOAS, history is being erased and replaced with a dangerous ideology through the use of threatening behaviour and effective propaganda.

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