Thursday, September 14, 2017

Vox's Fantastical Journalism Continues to Misinform Readers About Israel - by Gilead Ini

...Vox's fantastical Middle East — home of the region's longest bridge, of false fatality statistics, where Jews only recently discovered Hebron — continues to develop, with several new inventions relayed in an August 31 episode of Vox's Worldly podcast.

Gilead Ini..
CAMERA Media Analyses..
13 September '17..

Vox, a self-styled purveyor of "explanatory journalism," has had some uncomfortable explaining about its own coverage of the Middle East.

A 2014 article about a lack of symmetry in the conflict between Israel and Palestinian terror organizations like Hamas, for example, relied on erroneous fatality statistics and had to be corrected. "I had misread B'Tselem's data tables in a way that significantly under-counted Israeli deaths, as well as some Palestinian deaths," admitted author Max Fisher. (Emphasis added.)

The same author was called out for redefining the age-old Jewish community in Hebron as "newcomers," apparently to take the edge off the 1929 mass slaughter of Jews by their Arab neighbors. (In contrast with the supposed Jewish interlopers, Fisher dubbed the attackers Hebron's "native" population.) Vox refused to correct the error. Fisher has since been hired by The New York Times.

Perhaps most unforgettable was the charge, by Vox senior reporter Zack Beauchamp, that Israel limits Palestinian traffic on the bridge connecting West Bank and the Gaza Strip. It was an imagined affront, as it must be when speaking about an imagined bridge. There is not, and never has been, such a span linking the territories.

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