Friday, September 29, 2017

'Balcony Over Jerusalem' as Another Example of Myopic, Anti-Israel Journalism - by Jerold Auerbach

...his book earns a comfortable niche among the more misguided critiques of the solitary democratic state in the Middle East.

Jerold Auerbach..
28 September '17..

After the Oslo Accords were signed, Australian journalist John Lyons believed that “the world was on the brink of resolving one of the most relentless conflicts in history.” In 2009, he arrived in Jerusalem, where he spent six years as the Australian’s Middle East correspondent. Balcony Over Jerusalem is Lyons’ memoir of his deepening disenchantment with the Jewish state.

An obsession with “occupation through settlements” frames the indictment of Israel that guides Lyons’ narrative. According to Lyons, his transformation on Israel began more than a decade earlier, during his first visit to Hebron. Drawn to the “raw conflict” in that ancient Jewish city — the burial place of the biblical patriarchs and matriarchs, and the site of King David’s first capital — Lyons fixates on Israeli “cruelty.” In the most prosperous West Bank Arab city, inhabited by 200,000 Palestinians and several hundred Jews, he focuses on the “occupying” Israeli army that protects their tiny enclave, which was decimated by Arab rioting in 1929, and rebuilt after the Six-Day War.

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