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Concealing Palestinian Rejection of Statehood Offers? Newsweek Guilty of the "Big Omission" by Gilead Ini

...Carlstrom need not embrace the view that, in rejecting the peace offers, Palestinian leaders reveal an unwillingness to end their war against the existence of Jewish state. But it is journalistically wrong to omit key facts in hopes of steering readers away from that conclusion. Palestinians, at any rate, have reached conclusions of their own: In February 2016 poll, a significant majority of Palestinians said they don't think the Palestinian Authority, the West Bank government often dubbed as "moderate," supports Israel's right to exist. That poll, of course, goes unmentioned in the Newsweek essay.

Gilead Ini..
CAMERA Media Analyses..
01 September '17..

Above Gregg Carlstrom's most recent article on the Newsweek website is a short video about tensions in Jerusalem last July. The video, dated July 17, explains that "Palestinians protested new Israeli security measures," noting that "Israel installed metal detectors at the entrances to Al-Aqsa mosque." But the segment devotes not even a single word about what precipitated the security measures: the brazen slaying just three days earlier of two Israeli police officers guarding the holy site.

The video, with its glaring omission, serves as a good opening act for the lengthy article that follows, which also conceals essential facts. Entitled "How Israel Won the War and Defeated the Palestinian Dream," Carlstrom's essay purports to explore the roots of Palestinian statelessness. His survey of the conflict's history, though, begins only with the 1967 Six-Day War, omitting the previous two decades during which a Palestinian state was not created even though the West Bank and Gaza Strip were under Arab control. The Arab world and Palestinian leadership during this era was less concerned with statehood than with eliminating Israel.

Carlstrom's history continues with the first intifada, which he describes as Palestinian "mass protests" to which Israel "responded with brute force" that killed many Palestinians. He fails to explain how these "protests" managed to take the lives of over 200 Israelis. Those deaths, in fact, go unacknowledged.

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