Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Fabrication and Fiction of "Dwindling" Christians in Israel Dexter Van Zile

Mainstream media often alleges that Israel is inhospitable toward its Christian inhabitants resulting in a dramatic decline in their numbers. In fact, just the opposite is true.

Dexter Van Zile..
27 September '17..

One of the most enduring methods of de-legitimizing Israel is to portray it as a bad place for non-Jews, Christians especially, to live. Oftentimes, Palestinian Christians will describe Israel as behaving like Jews in First Century Jerusalem as described in the New Testament. Jews in Israel mistreated Jesus back in the day, and now Jews are mistreating his modern-day followers.

To buttress this narrative, anti-Zionists will play around with the numbers of Christians living in the country to falsely assert that Israel’s Christian population is “dwindling” when, in fact, it has grown substantially since the War for Independence in 1948/49.

Oftentimes, commentators point out that Christians amounted to 20 percent of the people who lived in the area that is now included in the Jewish State and that today, Christians are only two percent or less of the population and as a result, the population is decreasing. The implication is that Israel, the Jewish state, is inhospitable for Christians and is unworthy of Christian support.

The alleged decline of Christianity in the Jewish state is a prevalent theme that has been promoted in number of outlets such as the Catholic Near East Welfare Agency (CNEWA), the Associated Press, Sojourners, National Geographic, and by 60 Minutes.

Fair-minded Christians who want to respond to the notion that Israel is bad for Christians need to know one thing:

The number of indigenous Christians in the Jewish state has increased by almost 300 percent since the War for Independence.

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