Monday, June 5, 2017

Watch the chilling joy of a terror-massacre mastermind - by Arnold Roth

... Two minutes later, they said on the radio that the number had increased to five. I wanted to hide my smile, but I just couldn't. Allah be praised, it was great. As the number of dead kept increasing, the passengers were applauding. They didn't even know that I was among them. On the way back [to Ramallah], we passed a Palestinian police checkpoint, and the policemen were laughing. One of them stuck his head in and said: 'Congratulations to us all.' Everybody was happy...

Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
03 June '17..

If you're already familiar with the details of our daughter Malki's murder in the Sbarro pizzeria massacre of August 9, 2001, this post probably will not add much to your knowledge or state of mind.

We are currently trying to get the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to co-operate with the US Department of Justice and extradite our child's killer and the chief planner of the massacre, Ahlam Tamimi, to the US.

In the course of our efforts, we are referring a number of agencies, governments and specific individuals to video clips that throw light on the woman and the things she has said on video since being released by the Israeli government in the 2011 Shalit prisoner-exchange deal.

We created this post for that purpose.

Tamimi lives today in complete freedom in Jordan with her husband Nizar Tamimi (they are cousins, and he too is a prematurely-freed murderer), where she enjoys extraordinary protection by the king and his regime.

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