Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Actually, Ignoring Israeli History Doesn't Make It Go Away - by Zahava Raymond

...As for suggesting the PA has no “authority,” perhaps he should say that to the Palestinians suffering under their leaders’ corruption, repression and violation of human rights and freedom of speech.

Zahava Raymond..
Honest Reporting..
12 June '17..

An op-ed in the Irish Times blames Israel entirely for why the “Misery of [the] Palestinian people is the result of two historic events marked this year,” the Six Day War and the Balfour Declaration. But the only way that it can blame Israel is by omitting almost all of the crucial – and inconvenient – historical facts that explain the truth of the current situation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Dr. Conn Mac Gabhann visited Israel with a delegation called the Holy Land Coordination Group, purportedly to “better understand the political situation of the region.” Unfortunately though, it doesn’t seem that he gained much understanding at all.

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