Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Rabbo or Haaretz? Who compares payments to terrorists to Israeli social welfare programs? - by Elder of Ziyon

...This drivel that does not distinguish between normal social programs and specific programs to deliberately pay and honor terrorists was republished in Ma'an, Al Quds al Arabi and elsewhere. Not surprisingly, Bisharat's justifications for supporting terror are partially supported by the New Israel Fund.

Elder of Ziyon..
20 June '17..

The pressure is certainly on the Palestinians for paying prisoners - which is the most sacred part of the Palestinian Authority budget, and the one that has been under international scrutiny for the past month or two.

Hassan Abed Rabbo, media adviser for the Palestinian Prisoners Affairs, wrote an article rejecting any effort by any party to reduce the PA budget so it cannot pay terrorists and their families. He says that the West is informed that changing the salaries of "prisoners and martyrs would lead to the collapse of the PA, and the people would protest in the streets."

Abed Rabbo staunchly defends the institution of paying prisoners as part of Palestinian resistance. (Which we all agree with!) he ends off by calling for Palestinians to unify and come up with alternative methods of paying terrorist salaries in case the West cuts them off.

Odeh Bisharat, writing in Haaretz, advances a much more bizarre argument supporting salaries to terrorists:

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