Wednesday, June 14, 2017

BDS in action: Boycotting Gal Gadot. Antisemitic, discriminatory. - by David Collier

...Even when media picked up on the boycott, and tied it back into BDS, they failed in their duty to report that the attack on Gal Gadot is discriminatory. They failed to highlight that it contains evidence of the hypocrisy of the entire BDS movement. Put the Gal Gadot boycott in your memories. The next time someone tells you BDS doesn’t discriminate, the next time someone spreads the lie that BDS isn’t about picking on Jews, ask them why Wonder Woman was ever chosen as a target for boycott.

David Collier..
Across the Divide..
13 June '17..

Gal Gadot is the new ‘Wonder Woman’. Gal Gadot is also a proud Israeli. Gal’s nationality, religion and political opinion are hers to hold. BDS once again shows that it is little more than a Jew hating lynch mob, that everyone with a conscience should refuse to engage with.

It isn’t surprising that Lebanon wanted to boycott the Wonder Woman movie. The Arab boycott against Israel existed decades before the Arab Palestinians were even recognised as a separate people. Arab nations have always had a problem with advertising successful Israelis and Gal Gadot is a very successful Israeli. When you want to spread the propaganda that your enemy is the devil incarnate, it doesn’t help when Israeli citizens are successful scientists, sports people, academics and movie stars. Boycott makes the intended distortion easier.

Jordan’s suggested boycott of the movie is less understandable. After all, is there any point in Israel signing peace treaties with these nations? Perhaps for some of the Arab nations, the boycott is an excuse. After all, having Gal Gadot as a champion on screens in a deeply misogynistic society presents its own internal difficulties. Boycott is perhaps a back-door method of rejecting female-positive messages within the movie.

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