Saturday, June 10, 2017

Nathan Thrall's NY Times Ode to Palestinian Violence

...It's hard to imagine The New York Times proudly featuring a similar piece that clinically discusses the supposed positives of killing teens at a Manchester concert hall, running down pedestrians on a London street, or bombing a black church in the American south. That type of dehumanizing treatment is reserved for the murder of Israeli Jews.

Ricki Hollander/Gilead Ini..
CAMERA Media Analyses..
07 June '17..

The New York Times devoted the front page of its Sunday Review section to a 2000-word opinion piece by Nathan Thrall that condones Palestinian violence and terrorism as an effective means to chase Israel out of the West Bank. In the process, the article twists the facts and makes incoherent, internally contradictory arguments.

In Thrall's cartoonish view, Israel is an unstoppable, land-greedy monster, guilty of "subjugating" Palestinians whose only shortcoming, the author suggests, is not being violent enough, whether because they are too weak or too willing to cooperate and compromise with Israel.

Justifying Anti-Israel Violence

It is hard to miss Thrall's repeated references to anti-Israel violence — and the subtext of those references. He notes that the threat of Palestinian violence has failed because Israel "has repeatedly demonstrated that it can endure and outlast whatever bursts of resistance the divided and exhausted Palestinians can muster." This apparent disappointment is underscored by Thrall's use of the euphemism "bursts of resistance" to describe Palestinian violence which, in actuality, includes the brutal slaughter and maiming of men, women, children, and infants in shopping malls, city buses, pizza shops, and in the street.

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