Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pal Arab hate-culture education: Does it leave room for messages of tolerance and kindness?

...We're thinking of one particular such group, based in Israel but funded (lavishly) mainly by churches, NGOs, governments and other non-Israeli sources, and which has claimed for fifteen years to be making thousands of peace-building presentations annually to Israeli Jewish and Palestinian Arab school groups. We make no secret of our feelings of deep disdain for their fanciful and politically-spun claims. Still, it's appropriate to call on them now and insist they shine a critical light on the people at Jabel Mukaber Elementary School who rejected Mr Avni's offer to go there and speak of his murdered father's legacy.

Honored guests: Family members of jihadist murderers take part in 
a Jerusalem elementary 
school ceremony a month ago 

[From the Facebook page of the Jabel Mukaber school - but 
taken down once people started talking about itbackground here]
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
18 May '16..

We wrote here a few weeks ago ["24-Apr-16: Weaponizing children: Here's one way it's done in Jerusalem"] about the barely-reported, intense and sickening process fostered by the Palestinian Authority to inject hatred and a passion for murder into the minds and lives of the children whose welfare they are charged with protecting.

We see catastrophic Arab education and the Palestinian Arab lust for weaponizing their children as critical factors in the generations-long struggle to establish and protect a Jewish homeland. There are lots of bad people in the story. They include no shortage of square-headed Israeli bureaucrats whose passivity (which we describe in that post) in the face of this outrageous fixture of Palestinian Arab life helps, perhaps in a small way but surely in a real way, to keep it going.

It's important to focus on the good people too, and there are plenty of those. (But we will not be tempted into the silly practice of pretending that good and bad are found in roughly equal proportions on both sides of the Arab/Israel divide. They simply are not; wishing for a different reality won't change that. For a sense of our position on this, see "03-Nov-15: What do they mean when the Palestinian Arabs say they oppose terror?" and "6-May-14: In search of appalled, sickened Palestinian Arabs".)

We want to share a moving and meaningful opinion piece published last night and written by the very articulate son of Richard Lakin, a passionate and good man whose life was forfeited to the practitioners of this Arab education process we call catastrophic.

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