Thursday, May 12, 2016

What’s up with the weird discrepancies between Haaretz's Hebrew and English articles?

...or simply enjoy the work of “Haaretz in English,” a satirical Facebook page that matches the paper’s Hebrew headlines with over-the-top, ideologically-motivated faux translations. “Three-year-old from Gaza undergoes surgery to remove tumor in Israel,” read one recent (and real) headline. And right beside it, the requisite satirical English take: “Apartheid in Gaza: Israel separates Palestinian children from their tumors.”

Liel Leibovitz..
12 May '16..

There’s a well-known and regrettable habit among Palestinian leaders to get willfully lost in translation—they speak the peaceful language of human rights and reconciliation when addressing international audiences in English and the bloody vernacular of violence and revenge when addressing their own constituents in Arabic. The leftist Israeli newspaper Haaretz is increasingly coming under fire for doing the opposite, stripping the original Hebrew articles of all nuance and inconvenient truths in the process of presenting a translated English version that’s considerably more jagged and, often, patently false.

The newspaper was in hot water earlier this month after the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting (CAMERA) published a host of examples proving startling discrepancies between the paper’s Hebrew and English coverage. And it’s the stuff of comedy gold.

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