Wednesday, May 25, 2016

An almost unanimous agreement concerning Pal Arab kleptocrats and the devastation they wreak

...Very rarely, images do emerge of the armed security men - many thousands of them, in at least eight different official organizations - who keep the PA elite safe from their disenfranchised citizens. Sure, AP reporters can and do write (mildly) about this sort of thing, as we have just seen. And from time to time they can also remind the world that the Palestinian Arabs are not only exploited but their own power circles, but can do next to nothing about it since those same power circles have no interest in allowing them to exercise their democratic right to vote in elections. It's good to see those things written and said occasionally because they are true and meaningful.

Luxury and privilege in Ramallah's so-called "diplomatic compound",
 reserved for PA insiders. The AP caption reads: "The 
community of villas with well-tended flower gardens... may help 

explain why Palestinians almost universally believe there is 
corruption in the government of President Mahmoud 
Abbas. (AP Photo/Nasser Nasser)"
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
25 May '16..

One of the open-secrets about the seemingly-never-ending nature of violent Palestinian Arab hatred of Israel, Israelis and Jews is the sustaining role played by money and power.

That's one of the reasons we mention often how the Palestinian Arabs live in a society ruled by kleptocrats - those aggressive and powerful Abbas/Arafat regime insiders whose well-being and wealth depend on keeping the flames of hatred going and their fellow-citizens under their heels.

Yesterday (Tuesday), Associated Press syndicated a somewhat rare look at what the ordinary folk think of their Palestinian Authority overlords, and how that translates into action.

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