Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Misleading the Public on Palestinian Incitement to Violence at NPR - by Ricki Hollander

...By covering up the role of Abbas and the PA leadership in promoting anti-Israel hatred and encouraging violence – Harris deprives listeners the facts they need to understand exactly who and what are perpetuating the violent conflict.

Ricki Hollander..
CAMERA Media Analyses..
18 May '16..

On May 15, NPR's All Things Considered aired a piece (accompanied by a website article) by Emily Harris focusing on an alleged "shift" in Palestinian attitudes against anti-Israel violence. The journalist emphasized the "remarkable" claim by PA President Mahmoud Abbas on Israeli TV that his "security guys go inside schools searching students' bags for knives" and counsel students that "this is wrong."

Indeed, Abbas' claim was remarkable, but not necessarily for the reasons Emily Harris suggests. She attributes the noteworthiness of Abbas' claim to the notion that "it's very delicate for Abbas to acknowledge his security forces do things that some Palestinians see as follow Israeli orders" and to the fact that attacks against Israelis were "initially popular among many Palestinians." The implication is that Abbas and his security forces have bravely risked popularity in order to discourage violence.

Those familiar with the situation on the ground, however, recognize that Abbas' remarks to an Israeli audience are notable for an entirely different reason: They indicate Abbas' duplicitous attempt to cover up his and his administration's role in the anti-Israel hate speech and incitement that fuel the attacks, even as the rhetoric continues in official Palestinian Authority (PA) media.

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