Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Outrage

Paula R. Stern
A Soldier's Mother
22 January '11

We had an amazing Shabbat. So many conversations, so much I want to write about. My mind is full of topics we discussed and thoughts I want to share. Like a recent post "Conversations," I want to do it again - in bits and pieces.

But first, as I always do, I check the news. What have I missed in the 25 hours that I withdrew into my family? What has happened in my world and around the world? I read of an explosion in a Russian mall, of problems in Tunisia, of Lebanon still on the brink of instability. And I read that a rocket and two mortars had been fired at Israel Friday night.

I passed over the note quickly. No one injured, thankfully. On to more news. The congresswoman is doing better, unemployment is down in, wait. Stop. This is wrong. Just wrong. A ROCKET AND TWO MORTARS were fired at Israel. No one shot missiles at the United States over the weekend. No one in Germany or England or France thought twice about the possibility.

Why is the world not outraged. you understand? ROCKETS. MISSILES. Explosives are being fired at my country. They slam into the ground, if we are lucky. They slam into buildings and people if we are not. And each time, we do the same stupid thing. We say thank you, God, that it didn't kill someone...and then we move on to our week as if nothing happened.

This is not right. This is an outrage. I posted a short note about the mortars to my Facebook page. A simple note:"Last night - two mortars were fired at Israel...what words can describe the outrage we should be expressing?"

Someone posted a simple response, "Describe it."

Okay, I will (and thanks for the challenge).

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