Friday, January 28, 2011

French Press Offers a Perfect Case Study in Anti-Israel Reporting

Eldad Tzioni
27 January '11

One does not have to look hard to find anti-Israel bias in the wire services. In fact, once you know about the anti-Israel memes that the media uses, one has to look hard to avoid biased news articles.

Here is a case in point, from AFP. Just the first paragraph has enough bias and distortion to keep us busy for a while:

JERUSALEM (AFP) – Jewish settlers are to expand a housing scheme being built on the site of an historic east Jerusalem hotel which was razed by Israel sparking global anger, a city official said on Thursday.

Let’s start from the top.

Jewish settlers:” While the term is technically accurate — after all, the original Zionists who built Tel Aviv were also considered “settlers” — nowadays it implies Jews who are living in the so-called “occupied territories” and who are doing something vaguely “illegal.” In other words, the term “settler” has turned into a pejorative term, and its use by a news source is never value-neutral.

A neutral, and accurate, term would be “Israeli Jews.”

A housing scheme:” Why did AFP choose the word “scheme” rather than the word “plan”?

The answer is simple: “Scheme” connotes something underhanded, something vaguely immoral, something that people should be ashamed of. Put it together with the word “Jewish” and things start to really get juicy!

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