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Marc Prowisor
Yesha Views
30 January '11

The world watches Egypt closely, Israel is watching even more so. The main concern is who will take power. The number one possibility at this point is the Moslem Brotherhood. Now that nice bunch of guys definitely has an agenda for this neck of the woods. First on their list is ending the Peace Treaty with Israel. This of course includes many sub-categories that do not ease the tensions, not only with the Israeli government, but also many Arab rulers and peoples.

We are seeing demonstrations in Jordan, starting out as Pro-Opposition for Egypt, but also including support for a new Arab state in Israel (or instead of Israel) and rights for the “Palestinian” people of Jordan, who BTW, make up over 70% of that country.

Nice peaceful Lebanon in the North with its new Hezbollah puppet in government seems to be bustin’ at the seams, with the possibility of reeling backward into a civil war once again.

All over the world, Arabs and other protestors are coming out into the street backing the Egyptian protestors, holding signs to oust Mubarak, and bring about reform. Reform? That is one word that may be debated.

And coming back to Israel, some of the Arabs of Israel are getting excited once again that Saladin (Salah al Din) will rise again from somewhere, eventually to cleanse the Jews from all of Israel.

I am concerned that the present US administration is showing such support for this uprising. Mubarak was never a friend to Israel, but he sure was not a friend to Islamic extremists. In fact none of the Arab leaders are a friend of Israel, but they are definitely not interested in loosing power to Extremist Islamic parties.

Now, every analyst or Mid East supposed expert in the world (as long as they live outside the Mid East, in safety) realizes that when an Arab dictator falls, the next step is not democracy. In fact it is usually a slide into extremism, that is, unless the US will station forces defending the “new” government.

There is indeed a domino effect and the question is where will the blocks fall?

As we mentioned before, it is simply a matter of time before the present Arab dictatorships change hands, yes change hands, as Democracy and Islam do not mix. First on the agenda of all of these new leaderships will not be a peaceful, fruitful relationship with the US, it will be quite the opposite. Western society tends not to understand the “Arab” street. I am sorry to inform you, it is not made up of the shiny happy people of the Upper West Side of NY, it is not lead by the Professors of Columbia U, nor is it occupied by the residents of Dearborn, Michigan. The residents of the “Arab street” are the mob, and who rules the mob will eventually be in power.

At present the rulers of this mob throughout the Arab world happen to be extreme Islamic parties, also known as Moslem Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and many other names. Learn these names, these will be the new rulers of the Arab regimes in the Middle East. These regimes will be put in power by the “mob”, whose uprising is getting support (at least publicly) from some Western powers.

Watch how we will see how this becomes the new cause on US campuses, along with continuing calls for Israel’s downfall. I know, some of you are saying, “crazy”, he’s extreme”, hey, it’s just a thought, a possibility, so play along with me for a bit.

Again, coming back to Israel for a sec, the calls from the Arab street and various Arab pundits are already being heard to oust Abbas from rule, rise against Israel, and so on, and so on, but this time the “mob” may have the verbal support of the US admin. Israel carefully watches the developments down on its southern border, as we all know where this may lead. In Jaffa the Arab demonstrations that include Left Wing Israeli Jews calls for a city free of Jews, this of may well spread. Yes, the Arab street is rising up against its enemies, and everyone is a candidate. To make matters worse…the message being sent out or at least understood from the White House is that they will support any uprising.

If I was to continue to play this game of possibilities, of conspiracies, of action novels, I might say that this all may fit into some sort of plan, a scheme if you will. One that places the Arab nations in the hands of the Islamic parties, a scheme that puts Israel in very real danger, and a plan that would have a definite effect on American and Western society as we know it…that is, if I were to continue to play this game.

And so the Dominoes continue to fall…

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