Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is Guardian columnist’s call for return to ‘Palestinian Revolution’ a euphemism for Intifada?

Tom Wilson
Guest Post
CiF Watch
25 January '11

The leaking of over 1000 confidential Palestinian documents pertaining to negotiations with Israel could and indeed have been interpreted in a wide variety of ways. The most optimistic have pointed to the revelations as a sign of how possible a negotiated two state solution could be considering how tantalisingly close it seems the two sides have already come. They show quite clearly that both sides are capable of accepting the notion that real concessions will need to be made if peace is to be achieved. Yet such positivity is not the order of the day for the Guardian’s Karma Nabulsi who has taken a rather different perspective on the matter.

For Nabulsi it seems as if the very fact that the Palestinian Authority would even contemplate reciprocating Israel’s concessions by making similar moves of their own is nothing short of an act of treason against the Palestinian people.

Outdoing the finest spokespeople and propagandists of Hamas, Nabulsi wastes no time in pouncing on the opportunity to both condemn the Palestinian Authority and triumphantly declare that what she describes as the ‘seemingly endless and ugly game of the peace process’ is over. But if peace talks are over then what exactly does that leave in their place? A return to the dark days of suicide bombings and the street to street gun battles of the Intifada? Nabulsi doesn’t say, but nor does she initially suggest any other alternatives for the Palestinians either.

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