Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eye On Zion Goes to Boston College

Eye on Zion
30 January '11

Yishai’s ‘Eye On Zion’ lecture was the perfect inaugural event for the newly founded Student Coalition for Israel at Boston College to hold! Yishai is down-to-earth, entertaining, engaging, and is very well versed in both the historical and biblical accounts of the people of Israel. He was open to questions, and really made an effort to address people in the audience from all perspectives and backgrounds with the highest level of sincerity and respect.

When I, along with a close group of religiously and politically diverse undergrad students came together to create this new organization on campus, we had many goals in mind. We aimed to promote knowledge of and appreciation for Israel and Israeli culture, to support the Jewish nation's right to exist as a sovereign power in its historic homeland, and to promote a fair and accurate portrayal of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Our ultimate goal was to foster a mutual understanding of the conflict on our campus, which, if embodied by everyone in the world, would lead to a peaceful and dignified coexistence for the peoples of the region.

Yishai’s ‘Eye On Zion’ lecture really touched upon all three of our major purposes on campus and inspired me not only to uncover more about the land from which my ancestors spawned, but also about my own capabilities and the direction in which my life is going.

Everyone in the audience learned a lot that day, whether or not they agreed with what Yishai was saying, and everyone who heard him agreed that his message was clear, vital, and holy. The Student Coalition for Israel at Boston College is truly appreciative for the chance to have seen Yishai speak in person, and won’t hesitate to host him again when he’s in the New England area.


Mikhail Dubov
Co-Founder and Co-President
Student Coalition for Israel at Boston College

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