Thursday, December 30, 2010

HRW Founder: "Little Has Changed" With Group's Bias

Gilead Ini
28 December '10

Last year we drew attention to a remarkable Op-Ed by Robert Bernstein, in which the Human Rights Watch founder and former chairman publicly dissociated himself from the NGO's anti-Israel agenda.

At the end of our article, CAMERA senior analyst Ricki Hollander asked:

Now that Mr. Bernstein has issued a public disavowal of HRW for violating its own principles, will the organization continue to promote the biased and error-riddled Goldstone Report and to assault Israel with its one-sided criticism or will it return to its original purpose of seeking to alleviate oppression of peoples living under undemocratic, totalitarian and repressive regimes?

We now have an answer. Last month, speaking at the University of Nebraska, Bernstein noted: "It has been over one year since the op-ed appeared. Little has changed."

(Read full "HRW Founder: "Little Has Changed" With Group's Bias")

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