Monday, December 27, 2010

Hamas Really Needs A Press Secretary

Daled Amos
26 December '10

What is the Hamas message on Israel?
It seems to depend on the day of the week, who is speaking--and how long they speak for.

Mahmoud Zahar seems to want a truce with Israel:

A Hamas strongman in Gaza, on Friday, said the group does not want an escalation in fighting with Israel despite a rise in violence in recent weeks.

Mahmoud Zahar said Hamas is "committed to the calm" that has largely held since Operation Cast Lead in the coastal strip nearly two years ago. But there has been an uptick in rocket and mortar fire into Israel and Israeli military airstrikes on Gaza recently.

Zahar insisted the unofficial cease-fire is not a sign of weakness. He spoke to thousands of supporters after Friday prayers in the southern Gaza town of Khan Yunis.

Unfortunately, calm to Hamas does not preclude firing missiles, rockets and mortar shells at Israeli civilians:

Since the beginning of 2010, over 200 Grad missiles, Qassam rockets and mortar shells have been fired from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory.

I guess that would explain why, the more Zahar spoke, the more it became clear that the truce was not a truce for peace:

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