Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fight Anti-Israel Bias. Promote Freedom And Universal Values

Tom Wilson
22 December '10

It is only natural that those who feel an attachment to the State of Israel should also feel compelled to take a stand and speak out in Israel’s defence. We currently inhabit a climate where a wide alliance of forces internationally are clamouring to delegitimize the young Jewish State out of existence; what self respecting friend of Israel would fail to take up the campaign to rebuff the mendacious and more often than not false accusations levelled against this nation under fire? After all, the rhetoric of Israel’s startlingly determined enemies is more than self evidently vicious, it is also extremely dangerous. The emotive language opponents of Israel employ is clearly intended to stir up intense levels of hatred while their agenda is one that hopes to see Israel left so isolated that it will either no longer be able to defend itself or will simply collapse from a series of economic and demographic negatives.

Surely then in the face of such alarming and annihilationist campaigns against Israel, her supporters have no time left to lose in making the case for Israel earnestly and uncompromisingly. Yet to go from town to town across the land showcasing a depiction of a utopianly faultless Israel that manufactures all manner of green high-tech wonders will not only sound unconvincing it could also have quite the opposite effect to the one intended. Such a strategy could well leave the remaining neutral and rather bemused onlookers feeling confirmed in their initial suspicion that this is simply a tribal squabble over a rather undesirable section of arid territory. A conflict in which both sides are in the wrong but the higher Palestinian death toll considered, the Israelis must be more so.

In this respect the days of Israel advocacy, good old fashioned Hasbara, should be well and truly behind us. The only way that Israel’s friends can ever hope to meaningfully regain the ground they have lost to an ever more extreme narrative is if they can fully grasp what is driving this chilling phenomenon of all consuming hostility to the continued existence of the Jewish State.

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