Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Amazing Power Of News Magazines To Read The Minds Of Israelis

Daled Amos
22 December '10

First it was Time Magazine which told you exactly how Israel felt about peace:

To be fair, Karl Vick did not read minds--he just spoke to some real estate agents and extrapolated from there.

In any case, now come Newsweek with its headline:

Avigdor Liberman

Israel’s most popular politician right now is a burly cigar smoker who wants to redraw its borders to exclude most Arabs. What is the far-right foreign minister thinking?

I'm sure it is just modesty that prevents them from telling you exactly what he is thinking. Instead, Newsweek goes through the formality of actually conducting an interview.

They merely read the minds of Israelis to tell you that Avigdor Lieberman is Israel's most popular politician.

And how do they know that?
They don't.

Shmuel Rosner points out that apparently Newsweek just made up Avigdor Lieberman's popularity:

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