Thursday, January 7, 2010

Andrew Sullivan: It’s Time to Invade Israel

Marine Barracks/Beirut
23 October 83

Noah Pollak
06 January '10

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My own view is moving toward supporting a direct American military imposition of a two-state solution, with NATO troops on the borders of the new states of Palestine and Israel. I’m sick of having a great power like the US being dictated to in the conduct of its own foreign policy.

Presumably the direct American military imposition of a two-state solution would involve the Marines going house to house in Gaza City. Talk about American soldiers dying for Israel! For someone who has spent the past few years denouncing the hubris of American military intervention in the Middle East, this is heady stuff.


  1. Who is Andrew Sullivan and why do we care what he thinks?

    I've heard similar ridiculous arguments thrown around this side of the pond too. People like him are detached from reality. What right would he have to impose a political solution on two peoples which is less than satisfactory to either? If he's fed up with hearing about the Middle East, turn off the news - simples!

  2. Ah yes.... the old anti-Semitic trope about how the Jews run the world and they now need to be brutally put in their place. We've heard that before and Andrew Sullivan is not only an anti-Semite; he's taken complete leave of his senses.