Wednesday, January 27, 2010

By the Numbers: Israel's Haitian Relief Efforts

Honest Reporting
26 January '10

Israel's relief mission to Haiti is winding down its work and returning on Thursday. Much of the medical equipment will be left behind as a last goodwill gesture.

314: Surgeries performed.

16: Babies delivered.

1,102: Haitians treated

400,000: Estimated number of Haitians needing relocation

30: Estimated number of Israeli families inquiring about adopting Haitian orphans

4: Haitian survivors rescued from rubble by Israeli teams.

15: Patients currently remaining in the field hospital.

132: Haitian survivors rescued from rubble by all foreign teams.

112,250: Official UN death count

0: Organs harvested.

Many: Lessons learned from the experience.

Sources: YNet News, Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, IDF Spokesperson Blog

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