Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yahoo Wipes "Ariel, Israel" Off The Map, Replaces It With "Jenin, Palestinian Occupied Territories"

29 January '10

Kudos to whatever seething, obsessive anti-Israel organization managed to sneak this in under the radar. Drip drip drip delegitimization of the Jewish State is after all the strategy du jour. But seriously? This is what we're doing now?

Apparently someone has convinced Yahoo to go into their News Weather data, erase "Ariel, Israel" as a valid location, and replace it "Jenin, Palestinian Occupied Territories." The 20,000 residents from Ariel, where the relevant weather station is built, apparently don't deserve their own weather. Yahoo has decreed that it belongs to the residents of Jenin, which is 25 miles north and 850 feet lower. It's absurd that this kind of petty crap even has to be addressed, but inasmuch as it's part and parcel of a broad-based replacement geography campaign it's unfortunately not trivial.

Someone should ask Yahoo if there's a list somewhere: which Israeli cities are Israelis allowed to keep, which do the Palestinians deign to let them share, which are entirely Palestinian, and which are simply unworthy of existing? Because given how they've gone out of their way to divide up Weather Channel data - more on that in a sec - apparently Israel's capital, the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo, and the city of Ariel are all in play.

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  1. This must be very distressing for the people of Ariel, Israel. I feel terrible for them... not for their neighbors who aren't even entitled to a weather station and are suffering from ethnic cleansing via bureaucracy and apartheid via permit. It must make the Palestinian people who have Israeli families living in their stolen homes feel so much better that one of their regions has been so deviously renamed. I'd pick the virtual re-naming of a weather station over my bulldozed house any-day...

    Please excuse my sarcasm.

  2. Anonymous misses the point in every possible way but is anonymous. Jenin certainly has a higher economic growth rate then whatever unfortunate town that anon. lives in, it's malls are newer, it's boundaries are expanding as fast as it can build. The apartheid by permit is the red sign at the entrance to the city prohibiting entrance to Israelis, well actually Jews, as Israeli Arab citizens are encouraged to shop there. Ignorance is bliss.