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The Greeks had a word for it: hypocrisy

22 January '10

News item: (The news item link now states "Article content no longer available" which has led to some speculation as to the accuracy of the source. However the original source is Theodoros Pangalos's website and is still available in the Dec. '08 archives of his site. This link is the Google translation of the specific letter in question. Pretty straightforward. Y.)

The deputy prime minister of Greece has sent back to the Israeli Embassy in Athens three bottles of wine given to him as a gift, because they were produced in the Golan, which “belongs to Syria” and is “illegally occupied.” [apparently this occurred in December 2008 - ed.]

The embassy had given the wine to Theodoros Pangalos — MP for the socialist party PASOK and responsible also for co-ordination of the foreign policy and defense committee in the Greek government — as a gift for the Christmas holidays with the wishes of Israel’s ambassador to Greece, Ali Yihiye…

I have been taught since I was very young not to steal and not to accept products of theft,” [Pangalos] wrote. “So I cannot possibly accept this gift and I must return it back to you.

“As you know, your country occupies illegally the Golan Heights who belong to Syria, according to the international law and numerous decisions of the international community,” Pangalos added.

Referring to atrocities that occurred during the Second World War and the Balkan War, the socialist MP said: “Actions such as those of these days of the Israel military in Gaza remind the Greek people of holocausts such as in Kalavrita or Doxato or Distomo and certainly in the ghetto of Warsaw.”

Was he also taught not to murder or allow others to do so? Perhaps not:

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