Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Protesting Anti-Semitism is "Hardline"?

Scotland's Sunday Herald gives a platform to the fringe voice of an anti-Zionist Holocaust survivor while labeling Jewish opposition as "hardline".

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25 January '10

Scotland's Sunday Herald publishes a provocative article headlined "Auschwitz survivor: 'Israel acts like Nazis'". According to the article:

One of the last remaining Auschwitz survivors has launched a blistering attack on Israel over its occupation of Palestine as he began a lecture tour of Scotland. ...

His comments sparked a furious reaction from hardline Jewish lobby groups, with Dr Meyer branded an "anti-Semite" and accused of abusing his position as a Holocaust survivor. [Emphasis added]
The reason that this story is so sensationalist and able to garner publicity is simply because a figure such as Dr Hajo Meyer is very much on the radical fringes of the debate and is certainly not representative in any way of the mainstream Jewish community or Holocaust survivors.

Yet, those who protest Meyer's extreme views are themselves termed "hardline Jewish lobby groups" by the Sunday Herald.

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  1. It says much about the depth of anti-Semitism in Europe that to oppose anti-Semitism is enough to get one branded an extremist!