Friday, December 20, 2019

Surprise? Guess who’s leading your child’s tour of Israel? - by Stephen M. Flatow

An American University trip with the theme of “social justice” will offer a “dual-narrative immersive experience” that will feature “both the Israeli and Palestinian narratives.”

Stephen M. Flatow..
19 December '19..

The problem of anti-Semitic intimidation on American college campuses is serious, and hopefully, U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent executive order will help combat it. But an equally significant problem is the deeply entrenched anti-Israel bias in the lectures, discussions and even the student trips abroad that our sons and daughters are participating at many universities today.

Case in point: an upcoming trip to “Israel and Palestine” for students who attend American University in our nation’s capital.

The official description of the trip employs all the usual clichés that indicate the organizers’ slant without being too overt about their bias.

It will be a “dual-narrative immersive experience,” which will feature “both the Israeli and Palestinian narratives.” That means the students will be taught that the “Israeli narrative” (in which Israel has a right to exist) and the “Palestinian narrative” (in which Israelis are Nazis and Israel’s creation was an act of racist colonialist aggression) are equally valid.

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According to the web site, the theme of the trip will be “social justice,” and “in order for social justice anywhere to be achieved, a true and lasting peace rooted in a power structure based on equity, security and justice must take shape.” In progressive-speak, that means Israeli policies are unjust, the Palestinian Arabs are innocent victims, and Israel must be pressured to make more concessions to the Palestinian Authority.

The itinerary of the trip posted on the university’s website is short on details, but there are some clues as to its flavor.

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