Sunday, December 15, 2019

From the River, to the Sea: Palestinian Americans and Leftist Jews push vision of a Jew-free (and improbably progressive) "Palestine" - by Elder of Ziyon

It is had to imagine a less tolerant state than the one that Palestinians in the PA and Hamas controlled areas themselves want - these numbers are in Taliban territory. These so-called progressives do not lift a finger to help Palestinians change their xenophobic, antisemitic and intolerant attitudes. Instead, they are gaslighting uninformed liberals in the West into thinking a Palestinian state would be a beacon of light and equality.

Elder of Ziyon..
12 December '19..

Israel-haters pretending to be Palestinian activists in the US have started a new initiative to create a vision for a Jew-free Middle East while pretending to be progressive.

The "Justice for All" campaign, on a new website called "," was set up by the BDSers from the Adalah Justice Project and the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights. Together with many partners like Jewish Voice for Peace, the American Friends Service Committee, the Democratic Socialists of America they have a list of "demands" that use all he correct "progressive" buzzwords while building a case to ethnically cleanse Jews from the river to the sea, meaning an entire Middle East that is Judenfrei.

Demands include Palestinian self-determination (including in Israel), the "right of return" (where there is full freedom for Palestinians to live wherever they want but Jews have no such right,) "freedom for all Palestinians" which is just a veiled accusation that Israel discriminates against all non-Jews, and the "the right to resist our oppression" in which they never say that "resistance" is only peaceful - meaning it includes terrorism.

All of these codewords have been used for years to fool liberals into thinking that destroying the Jewish state is a valorous cause.

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