Sunday, May 12, 2019

The First Lesson to Learn From the 700 Rockets Fired at Israel - by Moshe Phillips

The UN and the rest of these critics of Israel owe the Jewish state an apology. We shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for that, though. Instead, we must remember an important lesson of the Gaza offensives and the 700 rockets: the blockade works, and must remain in place, no matter what.

Moshe Phillips..
09 May '19..

Terrorists from Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired approximately 700 rockets at Israel in a coordinated May offensive. Tragically, four Israelis were killed. But how is that possible? One would think that 700 terrorist rockets would have caused much heavier Israeli losses.

When Israel fires missiles at enemy targets, they strike with deadly, pinpoint accuracy. For example, they have been known to hit a single terrorist in a vehicle, or one apartment in the middle of a dense neighborhood. Yet when Hamas and Islamic Jihad fire rockets into Israel, the vast majority of them land in empty fields, parking lots, or other uninhabited sites.

The difference is not that Israeli soldiers have better aim. The difference is that the Israeli army has the latest equipment and the most sophisticated computer systems necessary to ensure that their missiles hit the desired targets. Meanwhile, the Palestinians are actually trying to cause as much damage and death as possible — but their rockets still don’t make accurate landings. Why? Because the Palestinians don’t have that technology. And the reason they don’t is partly because of the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

And yet, the United Nations has been leading the charge against the blockade for years.

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