Tuesday, May 7, 2019

One Could Think There’s Nothing Progressive About Terrorists Targeting Civilians—Except When Israelis Are the Victims - by Aaron Kliegman

...In a great irony, however, these progressive voices are not only anti-Israel, but also anti-Palestinian. After all, Hamas is the same group that, in March, brutally suppressed Palestinian protesters who were demonstrating against Hamas's tyrannical rule, which has left Gaza in an almost apocalyptic state. Unemployment is astonishingly high, there are frequent blackouts, the sewage system is terrible—indeed, Palestinians in Gaza have no hope, and that is because of Hamas. More generally, progressives like Omar, Tlaib, and Sarsour never say a word about Palestinian suffering in Syria, Lebanon, and elsewhere; they only seem to care when Israel is involved. Is it possible that they care more about hurting Israel than helping the Palestinians?

Aaron Kliegman..
Washington Free Beacon..
06 May '19..

On Friday afternoon, a Palestinian sniper injured two Israeli soldiers stationed at the border with Gaza. It appears the sniper's main target was a senior Israeli military officer, who was unhurt. Israel responded by bombing a compound belonging to Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organization in control of Gaza, killing two militants. The next day, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, or PIJ, another terrorist group operating in Gaza, began barraging Israel with rockets, targeting civilians indiscriminately. Acting in self-defense, Israel launched retaliatory strikes, hitting attack tunnels, military compounds, weapons storage sites, and rocket launching and production facilities.

By the time both sides reached a ceasefire on Monday morning local time, Hamas and PIJ had fired nearly 700 rockets at Israel, killing at least four Israelis and injuring more than 200 others. Israel, meanwhile, launched hundreds of strikes in Gaza, where at least 25 people were killed, including several terrorists. Also among the dead were, most tragically, a pregnant woman and a baby. Anti-Israel forces of course rushed to blame the Jewish state for the deaths, portraying Israelis as bloodthirsty savages. As usual, they were either lying or ignorant. It turns out that Hamas killed the pregnant Palestinian and her infant niece. Indeed, 90 rockets launched by Hamas and PIJ failed to reach Israel and landed inside Gaza, according to reports. It is unclear how many of the Palestinians' deaths were caused by Palestinian rockets, but Hamas and PIJ's violent obsession with destroying the Jewish state only hurts the people for whom they claim to fight.

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