Wednesday, May 15, 2019

“Nakba” and the Infantilizing of Arab Aggression - by Daniel Krygier

The Orwellian “Nakba” narrative is false on numerous levels. It denies 3000 years of uninterrupted Jewish history in Israel while at the same time inventing the Arab Neverland “Palestine.” Secondly, it inverts reality by presenting the Arab aggressors as “victims” while demonizing Jews defending their national freedom as “aggressors.” The Arab refugee issue did not happen in a vacuum but was a direct result of the Arab side’s failed annihilationist policy against the Jewish state.

Daniel Krygier..
14 May "19..

Imagine if Germans today would annually mourn that Nazi Germany lost World War II and call it “disaster” that it failed to wipe out all Jews during the Holocaust. This is exactly what Arab extremists and their global supporters do when they annually equate the failure to wipe out the Jewish state in 1948 with “Nakba” or “disaster”. The Arab nationalist historian George Antonius originally coined the term “Nakba”in the 1920s. Ironically, it debunks the myth of a historical “Palestinian” nation by lamentingly referring to the separation of Arabs in the British Palestine Mandate from their Arab brothers and sisters in French-controlled Syria.

Throughout history, losing wars was always unpleasant. This is particularly true for losing aggressors. Post-1945 Germany and Japan paid a heavy price for their failed aggressive assault on humanity. Nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing countless Japanese civilians. Berlin and many other German cities were in ruins. Several million German soldiers and civilians were killed during World War II. Twelve million Germans became refugees and fled or were expelled from much of Central and Eastern Europe. While these national experiences were traumatic for Berlin and Tokyo, post-1945 Germany and Japan were nevertheless forced to take responsibility for their past aggression.

By contrast, the “Nakba” myth does exactly the opposite. Seven decades after the pan-Arab aggression failed to wipe out reborn Israel, the global “Nakba” cult is the only case in human history where a failed genocidal aggression is equated with “victimhood.”

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