Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The progressive West's fetishising of Palestinian extremists - by Stephen Daisley (Please Share)

...As Israel forges once inconceivable ties with Saudi Arabia and Oman, as the Palestinian state runs perilously low on sand in the hourglass, those who claim to stand in solidarity with them will continue to objectify, fetishise and patronise the Palestinians. They have no interest in actual liberation; a Palestinian state would rob them of their little morality play in the desert. The Palestinians will go on being pin-ups and go on being stateless.

Stephen Daisley..
The Spectator..
28 October '18..

He is bare-chested, muscular and not unattractive. A Palestinian flag blazes in one hand, a slingshot is strained taut in the other. All around him is smoke and press photographers. Aed Abu Amro, a 20-year-old Gazan, is rioting on the boundary between the Hamas-run statelet and Israel’s southern frontier. The terrorist organisation has been fomenting disorder there for months now, a function of its viral victims strategy: provoke the Israel Defence Forces into retaliating and let images of dead Palestinians zip their way onto every smartphone on the planet. If only Hamas put that kind of ingenuity into governing, Gaza might not have a 44 per cent unemployment rate.

As a live Palestinian, Amro, who was snapped mid-rampage on Monday, will not have the same impact on low-information media consumers. He has, however, stirred that morbid romanticism which draws Western progressives to the Palestinians, ever since Laleh Khalili, a professor at SOAS, tweeted the photograph and the words ‘Holy shit what an image’ on Tuesday. Khalili’s tweet has been retweeted 48,000 times and liked 124,000 times.

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