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Damn Israeli Bastards! If You Believe Reuters, That Is! - by Sheri Oz

...With news sites simply regurgitating content put out by agencies such as Reuters and Associated Press (AP), readers around the world are consuming news items such that, if you think about it, resembles a walk through a House of Mirrors where all the mirrors distort the true image in exactly the same way.

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
13 October '18..

Yesterday, Reuters put out a press report that was copy-pasted by a number of other so-called news sites around the world. I was shown the report on Canadian Global News, but no reason to analyze the secondary source. Let us look at the original Reuters article, one commonly used source of fake journalism so rampant today.

First, the title that makes Israel seem evil:

Seven Palestinians killed in border protests: Gaza health officials.

We will return to the title at the end of this critique. In the meantime, as you read on, perhaps you will come up with alternatives that would have been more appropriate.

First paragraph:

GAZA (Reuters) – Israeli forces killed seven Palestinians on Friday in protests along Gaza’s border, Gaza health officials said. Israel said its troops had shot a group who broke through the fence with a bomb and attacked an army post.

Yes, Israeli forces killed seven Palestinian Arabs, but if you call bombing the border-fence and crossing into Israel a “protest” then you must have a different dictionary than the one I am using. In fact, three paragraphs down, Reuters does report on the nature of this protest:

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