Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Israel and the Anti-Social Justice Warriors - by Justin Amler

Think about it. Have you ever heard of them doing something, anything, positive or beneficial to the very people in whose name they claim to be carrying out their activities?

Justin Amler..
15 October '18..

Social Justices warriors and progressives went berserk this week when Israel exercised its right, as any sovereign nation, to determine who enters its borders. It barred an anti Israeli American student from entering the country and ordered her deported over her alleged support for anti-Israel boycott efforts.

There are few places on earth whose very mention causes anger hives to break out, rivers of rage to flow and violent marches of madness to occur, like one small country on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

That place of course is Israel – a country according to some fanciful media, is a kind of mammoth superstate that encompasses most of the Middle East, continually gobbling up surrounding lands and expelling its people.

It is amazing that there is more time devoted by supposed “Human Rights” groups, United Nations resolutions and other so called ‘freedom’ movements, on this country than all other countries on earth combined. That means that North Korea, who starves its people; African countries, who ignore their people; Arab regimes, who execute their people – all fail to garner the kind of outrage reserved only for this tiny Jewish state. A state 19 times smaller than California and a 103 times smaller than Saudi Arabia.

Of course, no country is ever above criticism, yet when it comes to Israel, the social justice that so many of its critics say they crave, morphs all too easily into anti-social justice.

A case in point is the BDS movement who feature the words, “Freedom, Justice, Equality” under their logo, yet fail to pursue any of those goals. They claim to be a group devoted to freedom for “Palestinian” Arabs, yet not once have we ever seen them actually helping the people they are so ‘devoted’ to.

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