Friday, July 7, 2017

Does Hanan Ashrawi actually think Nikki Haley is unmarried? - by Elder of Ziyon

...After decades of being able to attack Israel with no opposition, the PLO has no idea how to handle someone who actually shows that the emperor has no clothes. So Ashrawi and the PLO go back to their old habits of insult - hoping that people still care about their perspectives. And the amount of people in the world who care is diminishing quickly.

Elder of Ziyon..
06 July '17..

Yesterday, Hanan Ashrawi launched a hilarious attack on US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley for being too pro-Israel.

Her full statement is revealing on many levels. It shows that anyone who calls out the obvious anti-Israel bias in the UN is absolutely frightening to the PLO.

For example, here is how Ashrawi described Haley's statement about the recent UNESCO vote to sever any Jewish ties to the second-holiest place in Judaism:

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