Monday, July 3, 2017

Demonizing Israel by simply misquoting Haaretz?

...O’Connor’s journalistic breaches are not a matter of opinion or even context, he quite simply makes up “facts” in order to demonize Israel. And he is a serial offender. All of which begs the question: Why does Newsweek continue to give Tom O’Connor a platform?

Honest Reporting..
02 July '17..

Tom O’Connor, a repeat offender when it comes to blatantly distorting facts about Israel, is at it again, in the pages of Newsweek.

This time, O’Connor makes two claims that Israel is militarily behind the Al-Qaeda linked terror organization Al-Nusra Front.

Battling for Terrorists

O’Connor says:

Israeli helicopters attacked the Syrian military Saturday as it attempted to repel an offensive by the former Nusra Front, a hardline Sunni Muslim group…affiliated with Al Qaeda.

His source for this melodramatic statement? The Syrian Army.

Yes, you read that right.

Syria has been an enemy of Israel since its creation, and during that time has been a constant source of exactly these kind of dramatic and unrealistic accusations. For example, Syria made a similar claim in March, which Israel immediately dismissed.

But O’Connor doesn’t say that his source is the Syrian army: he says his source is Haaretz newspaper. Yet Haaretz makes it clear that 1. its source is only a claim by the Syrian army, and 2. Israel denies it. O’Connor hides all of this from his readers.

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