Thursday, July 13, 2017

NY Times Demonstrates ‘Ultra-Bad’ Journalism About Israeli Politics - by Ira Stoll

What can one say about this treatment from the Times? One might call it bad journalism, or bad history. But that might even be too generous. If one were to treat the Times the way the Times treats Israel, one might write that the Times has “always been identified with ultra-bad journalism.”

Ira Stoll..
12 July '17..

Just days after hurling the adjective “nationalist” at the political party of Israel’s defense minister — and coming in for criticism from The Algemeiner for doing so — the New York Times is upping the ante, with a news article describing the minister, Avigdor Lieberman, as “ultra-nationalist.”

The Times offers no explanation about what exactly crosses the line from merely “nationalist” to “ultra-nationalist,” or why a politician described as merely one a few days ago deserves a promotion, or demotion, to the more extreme category a few days later.

Nor is that the only oddity in this Times article, which reports on the election of Avi Gabbay as the chairman of Israel’s Labor Party.

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